Our mission

Our mission is to be the only destination online that CEOs and people interested in CEOs visit.

Our expertise

We have strong independent views on what the role of the chief executive should be – and on how to do it better and build enduring winning companies.

Our expertise comes from the research carried out by our founders, our on going CEO research and the practical work of our sister company, Xinfu.

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Our founder

Steve Tappin, Chairman

Steve is a personal confidant to many of the world’s top CEOs, working as CEO of Xinfu, the CEO confidants. He is the host of BBC ‘CEO Guru’, which features in-depth, on-the-record interviews with the CEOs of the biggest and fastest-growing companies. Steve is also the author of ‘The Secrets Of CEOs’ which interviews 200 CEOs on business life and leadership and ‘Dreams to Last’ – based on interviews with China leading 100 entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Our Research

The Secrets of CEOs

First published in 2008, “The Secrets of CEOs” is an international bestselling book which was the first to bring together on the record the views of 200 top global CEOs:

– What it’s really like to be a CEO and how the top CEOs actually do the job

– The secrets to successfully dealing with the five hard facts of life which will be critical to business success in the coming decade

– How businesses and CEOs will evolve to win in the next decade

– The leadership experiences required to succeed in the new world of work

Dream to Last

Based on in depth interviews with China’s 100 most successful and wealthiest CEOs, “Dream to Last” was published by Beijing University Press in 2013. It is the first research into Chinese leadership and winning in China based on the experiences of the best Chinese leaders ever published. An English version of the book will be published in 2015.

The World of CEOs and Xinfu teams continue to take on new global research projects to gather insights that improve the quality of CEOs and management board’s leadership.

Our Commitment

– We will relentlessly create content on CEOs around the world, especially in China;

– We will constantly explore how to make our content usable and digestible;

– We will constantly scout the world for CEO opportunities around the world.

World Of CEOs is owned by Xinfu.

Xinfu are:

– Business and personal confidants to the world’s most successful CEOs

– Leading global leadership experts

– The bridge between China and the West

These roles give us genuine daily interactions with top CEOs in the West and the East.

We also invest in our own business ventures, of which World of CEOs is the first. Our ventures all contribute to our mission to inspire leaders and bring to life a better way to lead global companies.

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