50+ The Richest Person In United States 2024

50+ The Richest Person In United States 2024

The richest people in the United States continue to shape the economy with their immense wealth and influence. At WorldOfCEOs, we provide a detailed look into their net worth, sources of income, and much more. Stay informed about the financial giants shaping our world.

Our List of 50+ Richest Person In United States 2024

Here’s a comprehensive table of the richest people in United States for 2024, showcasing their names, ages, nationalities, and sources of wealth:

NameAgeNet WorthSource of Wealth
Elon Musk52$195BTesla, SpaceX
Jeff Bezos60$194BAmazon
Mark Zuckerberg39$177BFacebook
Larry Ellison79$141BOracle
Warren Buffett93$133BBerkshire Hathaway
Bill Gates68$128BMicrosoft
Steve Ballmer68$121BMicrosoft
Larry Page51$114BGoogle
Sergey Brin50$110BGoogle
Michael Bloomberg82$106BBloomberg LP
Michael Dell59$91BDell Technologies
Jim Walton75$78.4BWalmart
Rob Walton79$77.4BWalmart
Jensen Huang61$77BNvidia
Alice Walton74$72.3BWalmart
Julia Koch61$64.3BKoch Industries
Charles Koch 88$58.5BKoch Industries
Phil Knight86$40.9BNike
Stephen Schwarzman77$38.8BBlackstone Group
Jacqueline Mars84$38.5BMars Inc.
John Mars88$38.5BMars Inc.
Ken Griffin55$36.4BCitadel
MacKenzie Scott53$35.6BAmazon
Thomas Peterffy79$34BInteractive Brokers
Len Blavatnik66$32.1BAccess Industries
Miriam Adelson78$32BCasinos
Jim Simons85$31.4BRenaissance Technologies
Abigail Johnson62$29BFidelity Investments
Lukas Walton37$28BWalmart
Jeff Yass65$27.6BSusquehanna International Group
Thomas Frist, Jr.85$26.2BHCA Healthcare
Daniel Gilbert62$26.2BQuicken Loans
John Menard, Jr.84$25.2BMenards
Elaine Marshall81$24.5BKoch Industries
Autry Stephens86$24.3BEndeavor Resources
Diane Hendricks77$20.9BABC Supply
Eric Schmidt68$20.6BGoogle
David Tepper66$20.6BAppaloosa Management
Steve Cohen67$19.8BPoint72 Asset Management
Rick Cohen71$19.6BC&S Wholesale Grocers
Rupert Murdoch93$19.5BNews Corp
Harold Hamm78$18.5BContinental Resources
Dustin Moskovitz39$18.3BFacebook
Donald Bren91$18BIrvine Company
Stanley Kroenke76$16.2BKroenke Sports & Entertainment
Jan Koum48$16.1BWhatsApp
Ray Dalio74$15.4BBridgewater Associates
Philip Anschutz84$15.3BAnschutz Corporation
Leonard Lauder91$15.1BEstee Lauder
George Kaiser81$14.6BBOK Financial Corporation
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Source: https://www.forbes.com/billionaires/

Frequently Asked Question

What industries dominate the list of richest Americans?

The technology sector leads with numerous entries like Elon Musk from Tesla, Jeff Bezos from Amazon, and Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook. Finance and investments, retail, and diversified industries also have significant representation.

How has the wealth of the richest Americans changed over the years?

Wealth among America’s richest has surged due to booming technology stocks and investment gains. High-profile entrepreneurs have seen substantial increases in their net worth due to the success of their companies and market dynamics.

Who are some of the newest billionaires in the United States?

New faces include tech innovators and media personalities. For example, MacKenzie Scott has become notable due to her philanthropy and wealth from Amazon. The list continually evolves with new entrants from varied sectors.

How old are the wealthiest Americans?

Ages vary significantly. Youngest billionaires include Lukas Walton at 37 and Dustin Moskovitz at 39, while some of the oldest are Warren Buffett at 93 and Rupert Murdoch at 93.

Which billionaire has the highest net worth in the US?

As of 2024, Elon Musk holds the highest net worth in the United States at $195 billion, largely attributed to his stakes in Tesla and SpaceX.

What are the primary sources of wealth for these billionaires?

Primary sources include technology (e.g., Microsoft, Google), retail (e.g., Walmart), and finance (e.g., Berkshire Hathaway). Diversified holdings and investments also play a significant role.

How does philanthropy play a role in the lives of these billionaires?

Many, like Bill Gates and MacKenzie Scott, actively engage in philanthropy, contributing substantial portions of their wealth to various causes. This trend is prevalent among the wealthiest, reflecting a focus on giving back.

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Are there significant shifts in the rankings of the richest Americans?

Yes, market fluctuations, business success, and new technological advancements cause frequent shifts. For example, rising tech stocks have propelled many to the top, while market downturns can impact rankings.

What is the gender distribution among the richest Americans?

Women make up a smaller proportion but include significant figures like Alice Walton and Jacqueline Mars. The trend shows an increasing presence and influence of women in this elite group.


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