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Your hub for CEO Jobs

We have created the first CEO jobs hub online. Use this section of the site to:

- Search all the CEO jobs being advertised online: we have aggregated them

- Check potential vacancies where CEOs have announced their departure without a named successor

- Get Jobseeker tips – the headhunters to approach, how to go about the process, wider career tips from around the world

- Find the best networking events to create opportunities

Flick through the columns to the right using your finger on a touch screen or scroll across with a mouse by using the green bar below.

All the CEO jobs on the web - filtered by location
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EA to CEO - Property Investment
Orion Recruitment - London

EA to CEO. This role is crucial within the business and is key to the successful support of the CEO....

EA to CEO and Chairman - Brighton
Ferreira Young - Brighton

Executive Assistant to CEO and Chairman. Executive Assistant to Chairman and CEO – full diary and travel co-ordination, understand key objectives, handle all...

EA to the CEO
Tiger Recruitment Ltd - London

The role will see you providing comprehensive business support service for the Group CEO whilst maintaining the highest possible standards of confidentiality...

EA to Senior Managers in CEO's Office - West End - £40-£45,000
LMA - South West London

Are you a passionate, forward thinking and meticulous EA who thrives being organised in a fast paced and demanding environment? A prestigious, world leading

Deputy CEO
The Patients Association - Harrow

The Patient Association (PA) has a vacancy for a Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO) to support the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) across the whole range of...

EA to CEO of Luxury Fashion House
Knightsbridge Recruitment - London

As an ambassador for the CEO you will be impeccably stylish, bright, confident, brand aware and inspired by the luxury industry....

CEO - BBC Pension Scheme
BBC - London

An incredible opportunity for the Chief Executive Officer of the BBC Pension Schemes has become available at the BBC....

EA to CEO, Media

The successful candidate will have significant PA experience at CEO or Chairman level from a media, creative or agency background....

EA to CEO - Stockport, Cheshire

The role is hugely varied and will suit someone who is ideally graduate calibre with top level EA experience, ideally having worked at CEO support level of for...

|| Next 50 jobs >>

Major CEO departures with no announced successor yet

Getting the top job
How to give yourself the best possible shot

As a former CEO headhunter and CEO confidant, Steve Tappin, our founder, is accustomed to helping CEOs get the top job. Here are his top tips:

Go direct yourself

The rising trend of going direct and bypassing the search firms and recruiters works both ways. It is also much easier to draw on social networks to find the relevant person to connect with a company and also draw on your personal network to contact them.

And if you’re not getting anywhere with the headhunter, don’t be afraid to go direct to the chairman or board members. Harriet Green, CEO of Thomas Cook, is a prime example of somebody who succeeded in spite of the executive search firms. She claims that they hold back talented senior women by focusing overly on certain set criteria: “Cut out the middle men,” she told me in her BBC CEO Guru interview. Talking about how she got the role at Thomas Cook, she described one headhunter she’d had contact with as being “unbelievably unhelpful”, adding, “Nobody approached me. I contacted the chairman and said: ‘I think you need me’. I’d never met him in my life.” Harriet, recommended using modern technology to contact chairmen, saying out that “one of the great things about governance is that all these people are known”.

NB Bear in mind that if an employer recruits you through a headhunter, they’re likely to have pay a 25% premium on your first year’s salary, so they may in fact prefer it if you contact them directly!

Get the insider due diligence on companies and leaders

As we witnessed with the travel industry, the internet is making companies’ reputation and culture much more visible and transparent. Jobseekers can use sites like to see “company reviews”, which give you an insider’s view on what it’s like to work in most major companies. They also include an approval rating for the CEO, which is a great measure for the quality of the company’s leadership.

And given that you may still need to engage a headhunter for the top-ranking jobs, it is helpful that it’s also easier to find who the relevant search firms are in the recruitment world, and to track down the industry mover and shakers.

Get yourself out there selectively and thoughtfully

If we recognize that there is much more passive recruitment activity taking place online, then the question is how best to ensure that companies and recruiters which are most relevant pick you up? It is important to have a North Star in mind of the likely industries, types of company, range of roles you would be interested and important that positioning and tone is reflected in your own line profiles.

Also how do you best set yourself apart, now that you’re competing in a global market of both active jobseekers and those who are not even looking for a job? Did you know that there are now 2.6 million people on LinkedIn who mentioned the phrase CEO somewhere on their profile, and 124,000 people globally who claim to be a current CEO or member of the executive team? So the key is to ensure that you optimize your online profile to get near the top of searches, and then that you find a way to stand out amongst the other potential candidates. The more LinkedIn connections you have to senior executives and recruiters, you higher you will appear on the list. Garnering “endorsements” from previous employers and other members of your network will also work in your favor.

Get a better radar – target corporations with job gaps

With lots of CEO vacancies not publicly advertised, how to read between the lines and work out where the upcoming opportunities might be in your industry before they are advertised? In the past, unless you were a recruitment professional, it was impossible to keep track of everybody who’s in and who’s out. Now, use the Vacant CEO Positions column to the left to identify potential openings, click on the departing CEO and use the site’s “My World - login with LinkedIn” functionality to find people in your network who can connect you into the company.

Magnify Your Personal Brand?

LinkedIn is now pretty much an indispensable job-hunting tool, with some firms requesting that candidates apply with a link to their LinkedIn profile rather than providing a CV. Also consider getting active on Twitter, which can allow you to connect with real-time industry discussions and get known as a thought leader in your sector. Twitter is also a great leveler, enabling you to send an @reply directly to any registered user and start a conversation. Finally, don’t forget to maximise your profile on World of CEOs with comments on any dossier we have written on you or – if you’re not on here yet – adding a self written profile (log in to My World and follow the instructions).

To avoid the risk that something you say on social media will limit or work against you, ensure that your contributions are always value-added and consistent with your North Star position and tone. Build your personal brand by commenting on stories of interest, by offering to write guest blog posts (or by starting your own), and also by building your profile in the physical world by attending industry conferences. Over time, as you succeed in your goal to become a “talent magnet”, more opportunities, such as unsolicited approaches, conference panel sessions and public speaking appearances will start to come your way.

One way to measure your sphere of influence is through ‘Klout’, which tracks engagement with your posts and comments across multiple social networks. Your ‘Klout Score’ out of 100 may become increasingly important in the future, particularly in marketing-related roles or CEO positions where you are expected to maintain a high public profile. A recent job posting for a community manager at Salesforce has already stipulated that anybody with a Klout score of less than 35 need not apply.

By Steve Tappin

Founder & Chairman, World of CEOs

Chief Executive, Xinfu

Host BBC CEO Guru

Steve is a personal confidant to many of the world’s top CEOs. He is the host of BBC ‘CEO Guru’, which features in-depth, on-the-record interviews with the CEOs of the biggest and fastest-growing companies. Founder of, Steve is also the author of ‘The Secrets Of CEOs’, which interviews 200 CEOs on business life and leadership.

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Best companies and individuals

Although CEO roles are increasingly being advertised online, most major CEO vacancies are still filled by a retained search firm.

The major firms generally have good coverage across geographies and verticals. They offer extensive systems and proprietary databases. They offer a professional a service, although we consider it to be imaginative and entrepreneurial only in pockets.
Our Top 10

1 - Egon Zehnder

- Founded in 1964
- Require consultants to have a post graduate degree and line experience of their field
- Reputed to team more closely and consistently than some of their peers
- 66 offices in 40 countries

+44 20 7493 3882

2 - Heidrick and Struggles

- Founded in 1953
- One of pioneering firms in the industry
- Listed on NASDAQ
- Specialist Global CEO & Board of Directors practice
- Has placed high profile CEOs, e.g. Eric Schmidt as CEO of Google in 2004
- Over 50 offices

Managing Partner, Board & CEO Practice EMEA
 +44 20 70754000

3 - Russell Reynolds Associates

- Global network with 41 offices
- Wide ranging partnerships include with Insead International Directors Programme, Yale School of Management's CEO summit
- Launched a Digital Transformation Practice in January 2013
- 42 offices worldwide

Managing Director
+44 20 7839 7788

4 - Korn/Ferry International

- Top 3 listed Headhunter
- Has been very active in building a leadership consulting business
-80 offices in 40 countries

Senior Client Partner
+44 20 7024 9000

5 - Boyden Global Executive Search

- "The only genuinely multicultural executive search firm"
- Over 70 offices

Partner, Executive Search
+44 207 389 9771

6 - Spencer Stuart

- Founded in 1956
- Historically has had a strong CEO practice
- Retained to find Scott Thompson's replacement at Yahoo

Co-Lead, European Board Practice
+44 20 72983333

7 - Odgers Berndtson

- UK focused global firm: 7 UK offices, 50 around the world

+44 20 7529 1111

8 - DHR International

- Founded 1989
- 50 offices around the world

Managing Director, Europe
 +44 1727 857755

9 - JCA Group

- Founded and led by led by Jan Hall who is increasingly being called on upon for some the the FTSE100's most prominent placements

Founding Partner
+44 20 7908 2711

10 - MWM Consulting

- Boutique founded and led by Anna Mann, long regarded as the leading CEO headhunter in London

+44 20 7484 1050

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Independent selection of the events CEOs really go to
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World Business Forum - New York, USA
07th October
Our Take
"World Business Forum is the premier large-scale US-centric business event"

Organisers Description & Profile
"A transformative experience dedicated to building better businesses, better people and a better world. A platform to expand, connect, unite, distribute and multiply ideas. A space dedicated to democratizing knowledge, best practices and cutting edge insight.A global meeting point for those who strive to create, grow and accomplish. A powerful network of businessmen and women with a belief in the transformative potential of talent, enterprise and endeavor.
Conference website

Key Speakers / Features
Confirmed so far: author Malcolm Gladwell, Peter Diamandis, CEO of the X Prize Foundation, Ian Bremmer, Expert on international risk management & Ken Robinson, leading thinker on innovation

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George Osborne scraps planned cuts to tax credits - as he sets out his Spending Review in the House of Commons. read more...
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Public finances better off by £27bn
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Falling oil prices have caused concern from motorists over the Government plans for the duty on petrol in the Autumn statement read more...
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Emerging markets vulnerable to multiple shocks, warns ECB
European Central Bank warns 'vulnerabilities stemming from emerging markets are increasing' read more...
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Follow our live coverage of the first Autumn Statement of the current Conservative government, George Osborne's speech and the best of the reaction read more...
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Petrobras probe arrests billionaire
One of Brazil's richest businessman has been arrested as part of the corruption probe into the state oil giant Petrobras. read more...
2015-11-25 12:11:46
Housebuilders lead FTSE 100 higher
Shares in housebuilders drive the FTSE 100 higher on the news that the government is to pledge new money to build more homes. read more...
2015-11-25 12:09:39
Shares in Ophir Energy jump on takeover talk
Shares in Ophir Energy soared by more than 11pc amid reports several suitors are interested in the business read more...
2015-11-25 11:59:25
Malaysia's 1MDB seals China deal
The sale of one of Malaysia's most coveted power assets to a Chinese firm is raising more questions about troubled state fund 1MDB. read more...
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Arcadia profits rise as Sir Philip mulls return to takeovers
Retail tycoon says the group is in a robust position to look at acquisitions read more...
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Black Friday bargain hunter camps outside store for days in ultimate 'man cave'
Shopper Jarvis Johnson has created the ultimate man cave outside his favourite shop in a bid to grab the best bargains read more...
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Housebuilding stocks rally on George Osborne's plans to double housing budget
Shares in the housebuilding sector leapt amid hopes George Osborne will announce a major effort to build affordable houses in the Autumn Statement read more...
2015-11-25 10:52:23
BAE Systems bags contract to build 'swimming' vehicles for US Marines
BAE Systems selected to build US Marines' prototype amphibious vehicles in fight for potentially huge contract read more...
2015-11-25 10:37:57
City Link owner Better Capital sees fund lose a fifth of its value
Private equity group that also owns Jaeger has reported declines in several portfolio companies read more...
2015-11-25 10:13:29
Autumn Statement: Why George Osborne can ignore the scaremongering and keep cutting, in two charts
Critics have lined up to warn about the impact of his latest round of austerity, but the public has learned to deal with it read more...
2015-11-25 10:08:55
Betfair enjoys near doubling of sportsbook stakes
Betfair expects its merger with Paddy Power to close in the first quarter of 2016, as it announced a solid set of results read more...
2015-11-25 10:05:05
Beyonce and Arcadia confirm 2016 launch
A launch of retail billionaire Sir Philip Green's new clothing company with singer Beyonce is planned for spring next year. read more...
2015-11-25 09:52:07
Big China brokerage in $166bn error
China's biggest brokerage, Citic Securities, overstated its derivative business by $166bn (£110bn) from April to September, the country's securities association says. read more...
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Are firms discriminating against you because of age? Here's how to check
We look at how the ombudsman deals with complaints about age discrimination read more...
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Thomas Cook hails 'real progress'
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Daily Mail publisher warns over decline of print
Advertising especially uncertain as full-year results prompt cut in forecasts read more...
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Osborne's big idea
If George Osborne has a big idea, it is to transfer the costs of and responsibility for building a better, fairer Britain from the public sector to the private sector. read more...
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Turn £800 into £1,100 in three months - just by switching accounts
Cash rewards for switching bank accounts make it possible to earn hundreds of pounds - tax-free read more...
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United Utilities profits miss expectations as regulator price controls bite
Water company outlines plans to ramp up investment over the next five years read more...
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VIDEO: What are the chancellor's options?
The Chancellor George Osborne's Autumn Statement and Spending Review will be set out on Wednesday. What are his options as he attempts to balance the books? read more...
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VIDEO: Hong Kong's slipper business revamped
Hand embroidered slippers are one of the few remaining traditional Hong Kong manufacturing trades - and they are getting a revamp. read more...
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VIDEO: Could tax credits be new poll tax?
Norman Smith asks whether the changes to tax credits could cause lasting damage to the Conservative Party. read more...
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How Ireland built a cheese movement
How Ireland built a cheese movement
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Rolls-Royce 'confidence not good'
Rolls-Royce chief executive Warren East says he understands investors' concerns and promises to be more transparent about the risks the company faces. read more...
2015-11-24 18:30:39
Airlines cancel Sharm el-Sheikh flights
British Airways and Easyjet cancel all flights between the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh until January, in the wake of last month's Sinai plane crash. read more...
2015-11-24 13:01:37
Travel shares weigh on FTSE 100
Travel shares pull the FTSE lower as investors remain wary of the sector in the wake of the recent terror attacks. read more...
2015-11-24 13:00:12
Peugeot to publish 'real world' data
French carmaker Peugeot Citroen plans to measure and publish "real world" fuel usage and pollutant emissions of its main passenger vehicles read more...
2015-11-24 12:32:57
VIDEO: What to expect in the Spending Review
The business, economics and politics editors of BBC News explain what to look out for in Wednesday's Spending Review. read more...
2015-11-24 12:30:10
UK rates to remain low 'for some time'
Bank of England governor Mark Carney tells the UK Treasury Committee that interest rates are likely to remain low "for some time". read more...
2015-11-24 12:24:10
Best Black Friday 2015 deals for laptops
Predicted to be the biggest ever Black Friday, here are this year's best offerings for laptops from shops such as Currys, Ebay and Lenovo. read more...
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NCC Group catches Fox in £94m cyber security takeover
More deals expected in buoyant sector
2015-11-24 11:38:18
Fidelity China Special Situations pockets performance fee despite losing investors 16pc
Shareholders suffer a loss but are still forced to pay for "outperformance" read more...
2015-11-24 11:36:29
Paragon hikes dividend on buy-to-let boom
The finance group doubled new loans to landlords as its bank raked in £1bn of new deposits read more...
2015-11-24 11:19:19
Pfizer deal under fire in the US
Hillary Clinton leads criticism of drugs giant Pfizer's $160bn (£106bn) deal to buy Botox-maker Allergan. read more...
2015-11-24 11:17:54
Allianz to end its investment in coal
German insurance group will move €4bn out of coal-intensive companies read more...
2015-11-24 11:06:25