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Your hub for CEO Jobs

We have created the first CEO jobs hub online. Use this section of the site to:

- Search all the CEO jobs being advertised online: we have aggregated them

- Check potential vacancies where CEOs have announced their departure without a named successor

- Get Jobseeker tips – the headhunters to approach, how to go about the process, wider career tips from around the world

- Find the best networking events to create opportunities

Flick through the columns to the right using your finger on a touch screen or scroll across with a mouse by using the green bar below.

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All the CEO jobs on the web - filtered by location
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St Barnabas Chief Executive Officer
United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust - Lincolnshire

Above all, the Chief Executive must be an exceptional communicator with the ability to engage others and a passion to make a difference....

Knightsbridge Recruitment - London

A classic business EA role, we need a complete pro to keep up with this motivated, demanding and forward thinking CEO....

Chief Executive/Operations Officer
PWT Recruitment - London

My client is an off-shore venture capitalist who is about to launch one of the most exciting developments in the UK QSR industry. I am looking for a seasoned

Chief Executive Officer
Dumfries and Galloway Small Communities Housing Trust - Thornhill DG3

Dumfries and Galloway Small Communities Housing Trust (DGSCHT) is seeking to appoint a motivated and enthusiastic individual to the post of Chief Executive...

Chief Executive Officer - CEO
Premier Work Support - Hounslow

The current Founder,Chairman & CEO, will be stepping down from his position as CEO of the company and is seeking for his predecessor....

Chief Executive
Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts - Great Wigborough

The task – to advance the conservation of wildlife and biodiversity in Essex for the benefit of present and future generations. We are looking for someone

Chief Executive Officer / CEO
Essex Wildlife Trust - Colchester

Chief Executive Officer/ CEO. Our client is seeking their next Chief Executive Officer who will work strategically with their Board and lead their staff...

Chief Executive Officer
WatchoverMe Ltd. - Royal Tunbridge Wells

We are seeking an experienced and entrepreneurial CEO with global consumer sales and Company-building expertise....

Chief Executive
Grandparents Plus - London

Our research and policy work is well respected and influential with national and local policymakers, helping to get kinship carers the recognition they deserve...

Chief Executive
Science Council - London

The Science Council now seeks a new Chief Executive. The next Chief Executive will bring their personal interest in and commitment to science to lead the...

Chief Executive
Curve Theatre - Leicester LE1

With Fiona Allan’s recent appointment to Birmingham Hippodrome, we are seeking a new Chief Executive to play a critical role in defining the theatre’s creative...

Chief Executive Officer
The Shuttleworth Trust - Old Warden

The Chief Executive Officer, as the most senior member of that team, will hold full responsibility for operations across all visitor attractions....

Chief Executive
The Electoral Commission - London

We are now seeking to appoint a Chief Executive. Our new Chief Executive will play a central role in leading and motivating the Commission’s staff through this...

Area Manager/ Deputy Chief Executive
HAYS - London

Area Manager / Deputy CEO. You will become the Registered Manager with CQC for your services and act as deputy CEO as required....

Chief Executive Officer
Imperial College London - London

We are looking for a Chief Executive Officer to drive the next phase of development and growth of Imperial Consultants (ICON), the UK’s leading university-owned...

Chief Executive
Barnsley College - Barnsley

Barnsley College prides itself on providing, inspiring and life changing education within a vibrant, multicultural learning environment. One of the UK’s

Chief Executive
COLUMBA 1400 - Isle of Skye

Or contact our current chief executive, Maggie Cunningham via the button below or call 01478611400. On the retirement of our current chief executive after a...

Chief Executive - Dorset Association of Parish & Town Councils (DAPTC)
Dorset County Council - Dorchester

DAPTC seek a Chief Executive to manage support to the Parish and Town Councils of Dorset. 31 per week....

Chief Executive
Jisc - London

In recent years the organisation has developed into a more homogenous entity from several silos of interest and the 'one-Jisc' now requires new leadership to...

Chief Executive Officer
RETRAK - Manchester

We are looking for an exceptional new CEO to lead our team to achieve even greater success and further enhance our excellent global reputation....

Chief Executive
Gatenby Sanderson - Essex

Innovation and bold leadership will help to unlock those opportunities and our next Chief Executive will work closely with the council’s political leadership to...

Chief Executive Officer
Keystone Development Trust - Thetford IP24

Chief Executive – Keystone Development Trust. First call for applications for the post of Chief Executive at Keystone Development Trust....

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Major CEO departures with no announced successor yet

Getting the top job
How to give yourself the best possible shot

As a former CEO headhunter and CEO confidant, Steve Tappin, our founder, is accustomed to helping CEOs get the top job. Here are his top tips:

Go direct yourself

The rising trend of going direct and bypassing the search firms and recruiters works both ways. It is also much easier to draw on social networks to find the relevant person to connect with a company and also draw on your personal network to contact them.

And if you’re not getting anywhere with the headhunter, don’t be afraid to go direct to the chairman or board members. Harriet Green, CEO of Thomas Cook, is a prime example of somebody who succeeded in spite of the executive search firms. She claims that they hold back talented senior women by focusing overly on certain set criteria: “Cut out the middle men,” she told me in her BBC CEO Guru interview. Talking about how she got the role at Thomas Cook, she described one headhunter she’d had contact with as being “unbelievably unhelpful”, adding, “Nobody approached me. I contacted the chairman and said: ‘I think you need me’. I’d never met him in my life.” Harriet, recommended using modern technology to contact chairmen, saying out that “one of the great things about governance is that all these people are known”.

NB Bear in mind that if an employer recruits you through a headhunter, they’re likely to have pay a 25% premium on your first year’s salary, so they may in fact prefer it if you contact them directly!

Get the insider due diligence on companies and leaders

As we witnessed with the travel industry, the internet is making companies’ reputation and culture much more visible and transparent. Jobseekers can use sites like to see “company reviews”, which give you an insider’s view on what it’s like to work in most major companies. They also include an approval rating for the CEO, which is a great measure for the quality of the company’s leadership.

And given that you may still need to engage a headhunter for the top-ranking jobs, it is helpful that it’s also easier to find who the relevant search firms are in the recruitment world, and to track down the industry mover and shakers.

Get yourself out there selectively and thoughtfully

If we recognize that there is much more passive recruitment activity taking place online, then the question is how best to ensure that companies and recruiters which are most relevant pick you up? It is important to have a North Star in mind of the likely industries, types of company, range of roles you would be interested and important that positioning and tone is reflected in your own line profiles.

Also how do you best set yourself apart, now that you’re competing in a global market of both active jobseekers and those who are not even looking for a job? Did you know that there are now 2.6 million people on LinkedIn who mentioned the phrase CEO somewhere on their profile, and 124,000 people globally who claim to be a current CEO or member of the executive team? So the key is to ensure that you optimize your online profile to get near the top of searches, and then that you find a way to stand out amongst the other potential candidates. The more LinkedIn connections you have to senior executives and recruiters, you higher you will appear on the list. Garnering “endorsements” from previous employers and other members of your network will also work in your favor.

Get a better radar – target corporations with job gaps

With lots of CEO vacancies not publicly advertised, how to read between the lines and work out where the upcoming opportunities might be in your industry before they are advertised? In the past, unless you were a recruitment professional, it was impossible to keep track of everybody who’s in and who’s out. Now, use the Vacant CEO Positions column to the left to identify potential openings, click on the departing CEO and use the site’s “My World - login with LinkedIn” functionality to find people in your network who can connect you into the company.

Magnify Your Personal Brand?

LinkedIn is now pretty much an indispensable job-hunting tool, with some firms requesting that candidates apply with a link to their LinkedIn profile rather than providing a CV. Also consider getting active on Twitter, which can allow you to connect with real-time industry discussions and get known as a thought leader in your sector. Twitter is also a great leveler, enabling you to send an @reply directly to any registered user and start a conversation. Finally, don’t forget to maximise your profile on World of CEOs with comments on any dossier we have written on you or – if you’re not on here yet – adding a self written profile (log in to My World and follow the instructions).

To avoid the risk that something you say on social media will limit or work against you, ensure that your contributions are always value-added and consistent with your North Star position and tone. Build your personal brand by commenting on stories of interest, by offering to write guest blog posts (or by starting your own), and also by building your profile in the physical world by attending industry conferences. Over time, as you succeed in your goal to become a “talent magnet”, more opportunities, such as unsolicited approaches, conference panel sessions and public speaking appearances will start to come your way.

One way to measure your sphere of influence is through ‘Klout’, which tracks engagement with your posts and comments across multiple social networks. Your ‘Klout Score’ out of 100 may become increasingly important in the future, particularly in marketing-related roles or CEO positions where you are expected to maintain a high public profile. A recent job posting for a community manager at Salesforce has already stipulated that anybody with a Klout score of less than 35 need not apply.

By Steve Tappin

Founder & Chairman, World of CEOs

Chief Executive, Xinfu

Host BBC CEO Guru

Steve is a personal confidant to many of the world’s top CEOs. He is the host of BBC ‘CEO Guru’, which features in-depth, on-the-record interviews with the CEOs of the biggest and fastest-growing companies. Founder of, Steve is also the author of ‘The Secrets Of CEOs’, which interviews 200 CEOs on business life and leadership.

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Best companies and individuals

Although CEO roles are increasingly being advertised online, most major CEO vacancies are still filled by a retained search firm.

The major firms generally have good coverage across geographies and verticals. They offer extensive systems and proprietary databases. They offer a professional a service, although we consider it to be imaginative and entrepreneurial only in pockets.
Our Top 10

1 - Egon Zehnder

- Founded in 1964
- Require consultants to have a post graduate degree and line experience of their field
- Reputed to team more closely and consistently than some of their peers
- 66 offices in 40 countries

+44 20 7493 3882

2 - Heidrick and Struggles

- Founded in 1953
- One of pioneering firms in the industry
- Listed on NASDAQ
- Specialist Global CEO & Board of Directors practice
- Has placed high profile CEOs, e.g. Eric Schmidt as CEO of Google in 2004
- Over 50 offices

Managing Partner, Board & CEO Practice EMEA
 +44 20 70754000

3 - Russell Reynolds Associates

- Global network with 41 offices
- Wide ranging partnerships include with Insead International Directors Programme, Yale School of Management's CEO summit
- Launched a Digital Transformation Practice in January 2013
- 42 offices worldwide

Managing Director
+44 20 7839 7788

4 - Korn/Ferry International

- Top 3 listed Headhunter
- Has been very active in building a leadership consulting business
-80 offices in 40 countries

Senior Client Partner
+44 20 7024 9000

5 - Boyden Global Executive Search

- "The only genuinely multicultural executive search firm"
- Over 70 offices

Partner, Executive Search
+44 207 389 9771

6 - Spencer Stuart

- Founded in 1956
- Historically has had a strong CEO practice
- Retained to find Scott Thompson's replacement at Yahoo

Co-Lead, European Board Practice
+44 20 72983333

7 - Odgers Berndtson

- UK focused global firm: 7 UK offices, 50 around the world

+44 20 7529 1111

8 - DHR International

- Founded 1989
- 50 offices around the world

Managing Director, Europe
 +44 1727 857755

9 - JCA Group

- Founded and led by led by Jan Hall who is increasingly being called on upon for some the the FTSE100's most prominent placements

Founding Partner
+44 20 7908 2711

10 - MWM Consulting

- Boutique founded and led by Anna Mann, long regarded as the leading CEO headhunter in London

+44 20 7484 1050

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Independent selection of the events CEOs really go to
Q1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4

approx: 6th
approx: 10th

approx: 28th

Boao Forum for Asia - Boao, China
06th April
Our Take
" Boao is the main pan-Asian forum which brings together leading business and political figures"

Organisers Description & Profile
The Boao Forum for Asia is styled as the Asian equivalent of WEF's Davos Forum. It is a high-level forum hosted by the BFA, a non-profit organisation, for leaders from government, business and academia in Asia and other continents to share their vision on the most pressing issues in the dynamic Asia region and the world at large.


Key Speakers / Features
Leading figures from China and across Asia. Both business and political with a small number of high profile Westerners.

Tickets cost around $5,000 for BFA members/sponsors, and around $5,500 for non-members
Most recommended places on earth

25 Top Companies For Leaders
Fortune Magazine Best 100 Companies To Work For
Glassdoor Best Places To Work
Glassdoor Top Companies For Work-Life Balance
The Sunday Times Best 100 Companies To Work For
General News
Latest news from around the world
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Bingo halls benefit from consumer upturn
Rank Group halts decline in like-for-like revenues at its Mecca clubs read more...
2015-05-21 19:14:03
Company that saw £7bn wiped off shares linked to firm that shrank by £12bn
Second Hong Kong-listed company sees its shares plummet, as it emerges it had links with Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, whose stock dropped on Wednesday read more...
2015-05-21 19:12:11
High street banks must go the same way as shipyards
We should close bank branches and turn the buildings into housing - the one commodity the UK is desperately short of read more...
2015-05-21 18:49:45
Edi Truell's Tungsten raises cash to ward off short-sellers
Invoicing company founded by veteran dealmaker announces £15m placing to raise cash read more...
2015-05-21 18:46:22
Electrocomponents rocked by currency swings, as FTSE rises
Electrocomponents posted a 5pc fall in full-year pre-tax profits after being hit by adverse foreign exchange movements read more...
2015-05-21 18:41:58
Ecclestone challenges £1bn tax move
F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone goes to court to challenge the legal basis of assessments that have left him facing a UK tax claim of more than £1bn. read more...
2015-05-21 18:32:35
Sky customer gets £1,500 payout after two years trying to cancel his contract
Pete Swift spent two years, and £1,395 on phone calls, trying to leave Sky - now he has finally been compensated read more...
2015-05-21 18:31:39
Grand bargain emerging on Europe as Germany adjusts to Cameron victory
"Everybody is very aware that Britain is the next big problem on the horizon. The mood is that we've got to save the British from themselves," said Friends of Europe read more...
2015-05-21 17:58:32
The £1,200 desk made from junk: how 'upcycling' became the hot new craft industry
Enterprising makers across the UK are turning trash into treasure and selling it for thousands on new upcycling platform Remade in Britain read more...
2015-05-21 17:40:56
Trendy furniture made from old tat: 'upcycled' gems revealed
Start-up Remade In Britain sells 'upcycled' furniture and accessories from 300 makers all over the country. Be inspired by some of their quirkier creations. read more...
2015-05-21 17:40:45
Economics explainer: what will a rise in interest rates mean?
As economies recover from the financial crisis, central banks may put up interest rates. What will the consequences be and who will be the winners and losers? read more...
2015-05-21 17:27:15
Rail unions call off national strike
Rail unions call off a national strike, planned for the bank holiday, after receiving a "revised offer" in their pay dispute with Network Rail. read more...
2015-05-21 17:25:14
Dubai's Enoc makes £3.6bn takeover offer for Dragon Oil
Deal will give Emirates National Oil Company control over Turkmenistan-focused operator Dragon Oil read more...
2015-05-21 17:22:57
Where are the best bank holiday deals on the high street?
John Lewis, Tesco and Debenhams are among stores handing out special bank holiday discounts on furniture, electrials and fashion read more...
2015-05-21 17:15:46
From second-hand boots to ex-Army tanks: Britain's military surplus for sale
The Ministry of Defence has launched a war on unwanted assets - but what's for sale? read more...
2015-05-21 17:15:14
What are the bank holiday opening hours for DIY and home stores?
Doing some home improvement this bank holiday? B&Q, Argos, Ikea, Homebase, Wickes - check to see when your local store is open read more...
2015-05-21 17:14:48
What are shops' bank holiday opening hours this Monday?
Bank holidays are a time for shopping and relaxing - check to see the opening times of high street stores this Monday read more...
2015-05-21 17:14:35
Young & Co hopes for rugby boost
The pubs company expects to benefit from the tournament that kicks off in September read more...
2015-05-21 17:09:23
McDonald's faces worker protests
Thousands of workers and union supporters protest outside McDonald's headquarters, as the fast food firm continues to face wage pressure. read more...
2015-05-21 17:06:12
Up to 1,600 nuclear power jobs to go
Magnox says it plans to cut up to 1,600 jobs across 12 of its nuclear power sites by September 2016. read more...
2015-05-21 16:42:02
Mothercare losses halve as turnaround pays off
Results at pram and babywear retailer improve following a tumultuous year read more...
2015-05-21 16:35:50
Deutsche responds to investor anger
Deutsche Bank encountered anger from its shareholders at its annual general meeting on Thursday read more...
2015-05-21 16:14:43
Tax relief on pensions is a scandal: this is how George Osborne could fix it
Public servants with final salary pensions are unfairly advantaged, while many workers are prevented from saving for the pension they need, says Chris Noon read more...
2015-05-21 16:13:19
Questor share tip: What Royal Mail results mean for investors
There is no escaping the fact that the UK postal market is incredibly tough but Royal Mail's market dominance means it is seeing off rivals, says Questor read more...
2015-05-21 15:43:58
What are the bank holiday opening times for supermarkets?
Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Lidl, Sainsbury's,Morrisons and Iceland - check to see when your local store is open read more...
2015-05-21 15:17:07
Grand Theft Auto sues Daniel Radcliffe film
The gaming firm's filed a lawsuit against the BBC for trademark infringement over the broadcaster’s upcoming drama Game Changer. read more...
2015-05-21 15:15:13
VIDEO: Is cash no longer king?
For the first time in Britain paying without cash is more popular than using notes and coins. read more...
2015-05-21 14:06:33
Overdrafts 'stop bank switching'
Many bank customers with an overdraft mistakenly believe they are locked out of switching their current account provider, research finds. read more...
2015-05-21 13:53:37
Gap between rich and poor 'growing'
The gap between the rich and the poor keeps widening, according to the OECD. read more...
2015-05-21 12:53:55
Why the productivity gap?
Why UK output is even lower than that of Italy's read more...
2015-05-21 12:51:32
Warm weather boost for retail sales
UK retail sales rose by 1.2% in April, the strongest increase since November, as the warm weather boosted sales of summer clothes. read more...
2015-05-21 12:43:40
Royal Mail reports rise in profits
Royal Mail reports a rise in profits, with cost cuts helping to offset flat revenues. read more...
2015-05-21 12:27:54
How criminal charges became another day at the office for banks
How do you make the banks listen?
2015-05-21 11:59:30
Cashless overtakes notes and coins
Payments through electronic transactions, such as debit card, contactless and mobile payments, have overtaken cash for the first time, the Payments Council says. read more...
2015-05-21 10:43:00
Wholesaler to buy Budgens and Londis
Britain's biggest cash-and-carry wholesaler Booker Group is to buy local grocery chains Londis and Budgens for £40m. read more...
2015-05-21 10:28:41
How do you measure inequality?
What is the best way to calculate inequality?
2015-05-21 07:42:38
VIDEO: Bank fine has worldwide implications
Emanuel Daniel, from the Asian Banker, sets out the implications for Asia of the latest huge fine to be imposed on banks. read more...
2015-05-21 06:53:11
VIDEO: HK exchange seeks ties with Shenzhen
The head of the Hong Kong stock exchange tells the BBC a decision on the timing of an investment link between Hong Kong and Shenzhen exchanges could come within days. read more...
2015-05-21 02:31:53
Mexico's car industry revs up
How Mexico's car industry is being ramped up
2015-05-21 01:29:54
The growth of pet crematoriums
The growing popularity of pet crematoriums and cemeteries
2015-05-21 00:04:58
VIDEO: Osborne warning to 'sleepwalking' EU
The Chancellor George Osborne tells business leaders Europe has to carry out reforms to avoid "sleepwalking" into a future where it has priced itself out of the global economy. read more...
2015-05-20 23:58:34
Osborne: No let-up in growth plans
George Osborne says his focus is on boosting productivity and reducing the UK's debts as he vows not to "take his foot off the pedal" after the election. read more...
2015-05-20 19:30:29
Record fines for currency market fix
Five of the world's largest banks are to pay fines totalling $5.7bn for charges including manipulating the foreign exchange market. read more...
2015-05-20 18:49:13
Spotify offers its 60m users videos and podcasts
The popular streaming service aims to offer its 60m users a more personal experience read more...
2015-05-20 18:36:28
Company loses £12bn in value after CEO skips annual meeting
Around £12bn is wiped off the value of Hanergy Thin Film Power, a Chinese solar panel company, after its chief executive (and largest shareholder) misses the annual general meeting read more...
2015-05-20 18:18:05
Questor share tip: Buy Pennon's inflation protected dividend income
The water utility and recycling group will increased dividends by 4pc above retail price inflation every year until 2020, says Questor read more...
2015-05-20 17:43:02
Questor share tip: Buy M&S shares rather than Tesco or Sainsbury's
M&S is raising its dividend and increasing cash returns while FTSE 100 rivals are cutting theirs, says Questor read more...
2015-05-20 17:36:34
Spotify adds podcasts and video clips
Spotify adds non-music content to its streaming app including brief news bulletins and longer video and audio podcasts. read more...
2015-05-20 17:14:04
Thomas Cook boss apologises for tour operator's conduct over Corfu tragedy
Tour operator is facing a backlash over its handling of the deaths of two children in Corfu read more...
2015-05-20 16:15:14
ECB set to hand Greeks a reprieve as banks teeter on the brink
Moody's warns capital controls are "highly likely" as European Central Bank mulls easing restrictions on emergency cash read more...
2015-05-20 16:00:39