What is Charles Wilson Net Worth 2024: Sources of Wealth, Income/Salary & More

What is Charles Wilson Net Worth 2024 Sources of Wealth, IncomeSalary & More

Curious about Charles Wilson’s net worth? Join World of CEOs as we delve into the financial details of this influential figure, uncovering his wealth and investment strategies.

Quick Facts

Real NameA. Charles Wilson
Popular NameCharles Wilson
Birth DateN/A
Marital StatusN/A
Sexual OrientationN/A
Net Worth$2.89 Million
Source of WealthStock Holdings, Corporate Roles

What is the Net Worth Of Charles Wilson in 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Charles Wilson in 2024

As of 2024, Charles Wilson has an estimated net worth of $2.89 million. This wealth comes primarily from his extensive stock holdings in Trio-Tech International.

He owns over 435,500 units of the company’s stock, which significantly contributes to his net worth.

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By comparison, Siew Wai Yong, another prominent figure in Trio-Tech International, has a net worth of $5.33 million.

While both have substantial financial standings, Siew Wai Yong’s net worth is notably higher. This difference highlights the varied financial paths and investment decisions between these two influential figures.

Charles Wilson Finance Overview

Charles Wilson Finance Overview

Stock Holdings in Trio-Tech International

Wilson’s financial foundation is deeply rooted in his stock holdings. He owns over 435,500 units of Trio-Tech International stock, valued at around $2,891,720.

His history of stock transactions, detailed in various SEC filings, reveals a strategic approach to wealth management.

For instance, his largest trade involved exercising 50,000 units worth $163,000 in March 2021.

This careful management and lack of stock sales over the past 21 years demonstrate his confidence in the company’s growth and stability.

Professional Roles and Their Financial Impact

Charles Wilson’s wealth is also influenced by his professional roles. As the Independent Chairman of the Board at Trio-Tech International, he has been pivotal since 1989.

His leadership extends to Ernest Packaging Solutions and Daico Industries, where he also serves as Chairman.

These positions not only highlight his leadership skills but also contribute significantly to his financial status.

Each role amplifies his influence in the corporate world, adding layers of income through various board compensations and strategic decision-making roles.

Career Timeline and Major Financial Milestones

Wilson’s career is marked by significant financial milestones. Serving as a director of Trio-Tech since 1966, and later as its President and CEO from 1981 to 1989, he laid the groundwork for his financial success.

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His strategic moves, like the recent exercise of 40,000 units worth $265,600 in March 2024, underscore his savvy investment acumen.

These milestones are not just numbers but reflect decades of dedicated service and insightful financial decisions that have consistently paid off.

Legal and Consultancy Work

Beyond corporate roles, Wilson’s legal career adds another dimension to his financial profile.

As an attorney admitted to practice law in California, he provides legal expertise that complements his business acumen.

His work as a business consultant further diversifies his income streams, offering advice that leverages his extensive experience in corporate governance and financial strategy.

Corporate Governance and Board Memberships

His influence in corporate governance cannot be understated. His role in shaping company policies and ensuring financial health is evident through his board memberships.

These positions not only enhance his professional stature but also bring substantial financial benefits, reinforcing his overall net worth.

His involvement in corporate governance is a testament to his ability to steer companies toward profitability and sustainability.

Personal Financial Management Strategies

A key aspect of Wilson’s wealth is his personal financial management strategies. His investment strategies, focused on long-term gains and stock market investments, highlight his methodical approach to wealth accumulation.

By holding onto stocks and making calculated trades, he ensures a steady growth of his financial portfolio. His wealth management techniques, aimed at preserving and enhancing his assets, reflect a deep understanding of market dynamics and financial planning.

External Factors Influencing Net Worth

Market conditions and industry trends play a crucial role in Wilson’s net worth. As an executive in the semiconductor industry, his wealth is tied to the market’s performance and economic factors.

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His ability to navigate these external influences and make informed decisions is a significant factor in his financial success.

FAQs about Charles Wilson

FAQs about Charles Wilson

Who is Charles Wilson?

He is the Independent Chairman of the Board at Trio-Tech International. He also serves as the Chairman and CEO of Ernest Paper Products and Chairman of Daico Industries.

He has a law degree from the University of Southern California and has taught International Law and Finance.

How long has Charles been with Trio-Tech International?

He joined Trio-Tech International in 1966 and has been the Independent Chairman of the Board since 1989.

What are Charles Wilson’s other professional roles?

In addition to his role at Trio-Tech International, he is the Chairman and CEO of Ernest Paper Products and Chairman of Daico Industries. He is also a director at Akita Drilling and Atco Australia.

What is the educational background of Charles?

He holds a JD from the University of Southern California. He has also taught International Law and Finance and has been a guest lecturer at local universities.

How old is Charles Wilson?

He is 91 years old.

What does Trio-Tech International do?

Trio-Tech International designs, manufactures, and markets equipment and systems for semiconductor testing and production.

The company operates in four segments: manufacturing, testing services, equipment distribution, and real estate.

What is Charles Wilson’s involvement in the legal field?

He is a member of the California BAR and has taught International Law and Finance. His legal background complements his business experience.

What is Charles’s history with stock trading at Trio-Tech International?

Over the past 21 years, he has actively traded Trio-Tech International stock. His transactions have included multiple stock options, reflecting his deep involvement and investment in the company.


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