What is Dick Costolo Net Worth 2024: Sources of Wealth, Income/Salary & More

What is Dick Costolo Net Worth 2024 Sources of Wealth, IncomeSalary & More

Welcome to World of CEOs! I’m here to give you an insider look into the financial life of Dick Costolo, the former CEO of Twitter and a well-known figure in the tech industry.

We’ll explore Dick Costolo net worth, career milestones, and much more. Let’s get started!

Quick Facts

Real NameRichard William Costolo
Popular NameDick Costolo
Birth DateSeptember 10, 1963
BirthplaceRoyal Oak, Michigan
EducationUniversity of Michigan
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseLorin Costolo
Net Worth$300 million
Source of WealthTechnology Ventures, Investments
Height5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)

What is the Net Worth Of Dick Costolo in 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Dick Costolo in 2024

Dick Costolo’s net worth in 2024 stands at a substantial $300 million. This impressive figure places him among the wealthiest tech entrepreneurs.

For comparison, let’s look at two other significant figures in the tech world: Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, who has a net worth of around $4.1 billion, and Evan Williams, another Twitter co-founder, whose net worth is estimated to be $1.9 billion.

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While Costolo’s net worth might seem modest compared to these tech giants, it still reflects his successful career and strategic investments.

Dick Costolo Finance Overview

Dick Costolo Finance Overview

Early Career and Ventures

Dick Costolo‘s journey began with a unique twist. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in computer and communication sciences, he moved to Chicago to dive into improvisational comedy.

This unconventional start didn’t deter him from returning to his tech roots. He joined Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), where he spent eight years honing his skills in product and technology management.

Entrepreneurial Success

Costolo’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found several companies.

His first venture, Burning Door Networked Media, a web design and development firm, was sold to Digital Knowledge Assets in 1996.

Not stopping there, he co-founded SpyOnIt, a web page monitoring service, which was sold to 724 Solutions in 2000.

FeedBurner and Google

In 2004, Costolo co-founded FeedBurner, a web feed management provider, with Eric Lunt, Steve Olechowski, and Matt Shobe.

The success of FeedBurner caught the eye of Google, leading to its acquisition in 2007. Costolo’s role at Google expanded, but he left in 2009 to join Twitter.

Leadership at Twitter

Initially joining as COO, Costolo soon became the CEO of Twitter in 2010. His tenure was marked by significant growth and some controversies.

Notably, he was an advocate for free speech, famously stating that Twitter was the free speech wing of the free speech party.

Under his leadership, Twitter navigated numerous challenges, including handling online abuse and trolling.

Advisory Roles and Ventures

Apart from his corporate roles, he was appointed to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee by President Obama in 2011.

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He also joined the board of directors for Patreon in 2015 and became a consultant for HBO’s Silicon Valley series.

In recent years, he has been involved in various startups, including a fitness venture with Bryan Oki, aiming to revolutionize personal fitness.

Investments and Current Ventures

He continues to be active in the tech scene through investments and advisory roles.

He joined Index Ventures as a partner in 2016, leveraging his extensive experience to guide and support new tech startups.

His investment portfolio is diverse, focusing on innovative technologies and promising entrepreneurs.

FAQs about Dick Costolo

FAQs about Dick Costolo

What is Dick Costolo known for?

Costolo is best known as the former CEO of Twitter. He led the company from 2010 to 2015, guiding it through its IPO and significantly increasing its user base and influence.

How did Dick Costolo start his career?

He began his career in improv comedy. He was involved with the Annoyance Theater and co-founded the Upright Citizens Brigade. This comedic background influenced his leadership style later in tech.

What were Dick Costolo’s contributions to Twitter?

Under his leadership, Twitter evolved from a simple social platform to a major news and media hub. He played a key role in growing the company’s revenue from $0 to $1.5 billion and taking it public in 2013.

What did Costolo do before joining Twitter?

Before Twitter, he co-founded FeedBurner, a web feed management service acquired by Google in 2007 for $100 million. He then worked at Google in the Ads team before becoming Twitter’s COO in 2009.

What has Costolo done after leaving Twitter?

Since stepping down as Twitter’s CEO in 2015, Costolo has been active as a technology advisor and investor. He co-founded a fitness startup and continues to mentor and advise numerous startups.

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What is Dick Costolo’s educational background?

He graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in computer and communication sciences. He was also active in theater during his university years, which led to his initial career in comedy.

How is Costolo involved in philanthropy?

He is known for his philanthropic efforts, particularly in education and social empowerment. He supports various charitable organizations focusing on these areas.

What is Costolo’s perspective on diversity and inclusion?

During his tenure at Twitter, he was a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion. He implemented initiatives to increase gender equality and minority representation within the company.


Costolo’s net worth offers a glimpse into the success of tech entrepreneurs.

For more insights, including the latest on top billionaires today, visit worldofceos.com. Stay tuned with World of CEOs for up-to-date financial analyses.

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