What is Eduardo Saverin Net Worth 2024: Sources of Wealth, Income/Salary & More

What is Eduardo Saverin Net Worth 2024: Sources of Wealth, Income/Salary & More

Ever wondered about Eduardo Saverin net worth? As a pivotal player in tech and a Facebook co-founder, his financial journey offers fascinating insights.

Stay tuned as World of CEOs delves into the specifics of his amassed wealth and influential investments.

Quick Facts

Real NameEduardo Luiz Saverin
Popular NameEduardo Saverin
Birth DateMarch 19, 1982
ParentsRoberto Saverin (Father), Sandra Saverin (Mother)
BirthplaceSão Paulo, Brazil
EducationHarvard University
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseElaine Andriejanssen
Net Worth$27.8 billion
Source of WealthMeta Platforms, Investments

What is the Net Worth Of Eduardo Saverin in 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Eduardo Saverin in 2024

Eduardo Saverin’s net worth in 2024 is a staggering $27.8 billion. This places him among the wealthiest individuals globally, ranking #62. His fortune primarily comes from his substantial stake in Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook.

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When comparing his wealth to other notable figures, Mark Zuckerberg holds a net worth of approximately $176.2 billion, significantly higher but understandable given his ongoing role as Meta’s CEO.

On the other hand, Sean Parker, another Facebook co-founder, has a net worth around $2.8 billion, illustrating the diverse financial trajectories within the same founding team.

Eduardo Saverin Finance Overview

Eduardo Saverin Finance Overview

How Eduardo Saverin Built His Wealth

Eduardo Saverin‘s journey to immense wealth began with the co-founding of Meta Platforms, known at the time as Facebook, with his Harvard classmate Mark Zuckerberg in 2004.

The initial idea was to create a social networking site exclusive to Harvard students. Saverin and Zuckerberg each invested $1,000 to get the project off the ground. As Facebook rapidly expanded, Saverin’s role as the chief financial officer and business manager was pivotal.

The company’s IPO in 2012 was a major financial milestone for Saverin. At the time of the IPO, he owned 53 million shares, valued at approximately $2 billion.

Despite legal disputes with Zuckerberg, which led to a dilution of his shares, Saverin’s wealth continued to grow as Meta Platforms flourished.

Investment Strategies

Saverin didn’t rest on his laurels post-Facebook. In 2016, he launched B Capital in partnership with Raj Ganguly, a seasoned veteran from BCG and Bain Capital. B Capital focuses on investing in promising early-stage startups, especially in Southeast Asia.

By 2023, the fund managed over $5.5 billion in assets, illustrating the success of their strategic investments.

Notable investments by Saverin include companies like Qwiki and Jumio. His early investment in Qwiki, a startup aimed at transforming the way people consume information, was a testament to his forward-thinking approach.

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Jumio, a company specializing in online mobile payments and ID verification, also benefited from his investment, reflecting Saverin’s interest in innovative technology solutions.

Saverin’s Financial Portfolio and Asset Management

Saverin’s financial portfolio is diverse and strategically managed. While a significant portion remains tied to Meta Platforms, he has diversified into various sectors.

His investments range from technology startups to more traditional industries. This diversification helps mitigate risks and ensures sustained financial growth.

His asset management strategies are sophisticated, focusing on long-term gains rather than short-term profits.

Saverin’s approach includes thorough market research and careful selection of ventures, ensuring that his investments are well-placed to yield substantial returns.

Influence of Saverin’s Citizenship and Residency on His Wealth

In 2012, Saverin made headlines by renouncing his U.S. citizenship ahead of Facebook’s IPO, a move that attracted both attention and controversy.

This decision allowed him to avoid significant capital gains taxes, estimated at around $700 million.

Saverin’s shift to Singapore was not just for tax benefits; Singapore offers a favorable business environment and low taxes, aligning well with his financial and entrepreneurial aspirations.

Real Estate and Luxury Investments

Saverin’s wealth also extends into real estate. In 2023, he acquired two luxurious chalets in Courchevel, a high-end ski resort in France, for $95 million.

These properties, linked by basements and totaling over 32,000 square feet, are emblematic of his lifestyle and investment in tangible assets.

Role in Meta Platforms’ Continued Growth

Though Saverin is no longer directly involved in the day-to-day operations of Meta Platforms, his influence remains significant. As a co-founder, his early contributions laid a solid foundation for the company’s continued success.

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The performance of Meta Platforms directly impacts his net worth, with fluctuations in stock prices reflecting on his wealth.

Contributions to Philanthropy and Social Ventures

Saverin is not just focused on amassing wealth; he also gives back to society. He co-founded Aporta, an online portal for charity, demonstrating his commitment to philanthropy.

His financial contributions to various social causes highlight his belief in using wealth for the greater good.

FAQs about Eduardo Saverin

Who is Eduardo Saverin?

Eduardo Saverin is a co-founder of Facebook. Born in Brazil, he later moved to the U.S. and attended Harvard. There, he met Mark Zuckerberg. Saverin’s early investment was crucial to Facebook’s start.

Why did Eduardo Saverin renounce his U.S. citizenship?

In 2011, Saverin renounced his U.S. citizenship. Some said it was to avoid a hefty tax bill. Saverin said he wanted to live and work in Singapore. Renouncing his citizenship reportedly saved him around $700 million in taxes.

What was Eduardo Saverin’s role in Facebook’s creation?

He co-founded Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg. He provided initial funding, essential for its early development. His contributions were later depicted in “The Social Network.”

What was the outcome of Saverin’s lawsuit against Facebook?

Saverin sued Facebook after his shares were diluted. The case was settled out of court. It’s believed he received around $5 billion worth of Facebook shares in the settlement.

What businesses is Saverin involved in now?

He is a venture capitalist and entrepreneur. He co-founded B Capital Group. The firm invests in startups, focusing on fintech, logistics, and healthcare.

Where does Eduardo Saverin live?

He lives in Singapore. This move offered favorable tax conditions and placed him in a thriving business hub.

What educational background does Eduardo Saverin have?

Saverin graduated from Harvard with a degree in economics. His time there led to the creation of Facebook and his rise in tech.

What languages does Eduardo Saverin speak?

Saverin speaks multiple languages. He is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese. This enhances his business dealings globally.

How is Saverin involved in philanthropy?

Saverin focuses on philanthropy, especially in education and economic development. He donates to causes and supports innovation in Southeast Asia.


As we wrap up, Saverin remains a prominent figure among the world’s wealthiest CEOs. His savvy investments and co-founder status at Facebook continue to bolster his substantial net worth.

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