What is Idan Ofer Net Worth 2024: Income, Investment and Financial Details

What is Idan Ofer Net Worth 2024 Income, Investment and Financial Details

Today, we delve into the fascinating financial world as well as Idan Ofer net worth. From his shipping empire to energy investments, Idan Ofer stands among the top energy industry billionaires.

Quick Facts

Real NameIdan Ofer
Popular NameIdan Ofer
Birth DateOctober 2, 1955
ParentsSammy Ofer, Aviva Ofer
SiblingsEyal Ofer
BirthplaceTel Aviv, Israel
EthnicityAshkenazi Jewish
EducationUniversity of Haifa, London Business School
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseBatia Ofer
Net Worth$19.3 billion
Source of WealthShipping, Energy, Investments

What is the Net Worth Of Idan Ofer in 2024?

What is the Net Worth Of Idan Ofer in 2024

As of June 23, 2024, Idan Ofer‘s net worth is estimated at $19.3 billion. This places him among the wealthiest individuals globally.

For comparison, his brother Eyal Ofer boasts a net worth of $24.7 billion, and their father, Sammy Ofer, had a net worth of $10.3 billion at the time of his death.

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Idan’s diverse investments in shipping, energy, and sports significantly contribute to his immense wealth.

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Idan Ofer Finance Overview

Idan Ofer Finance Overview

Inheritance and Family Wealth

Idan Ofer’s financial journey began with the substantial inheritance from his father, Sammy Ofer. Sammy, a legendary shipping magnate, left behind a vast empire.

The inheritance included a 51% stake in Israel Corporation, one of the largest public holding companies in Israel, operating across chemicals, energy, and shipping.

This inheritance laid a strong foundation for Idan’s future ventures.

Business Ventures and Investments

Ofer is a principal figure behind Quantum Pacific Group, a significant holding company with diverse interests.

The group’s influence extends across several sectors, including shipping, energy, and chemicals.

Notably, Quantum Pacific Group is headquartered in Guernsey, further emphasizing its international presence.

In 2015, Israel Corporation spun off its power, transportation, and shipping units into a listed entity called Kenon Holdings.

Ofer is the controlling shareholder of Kenon Holdings, which focuses on growth-oriented businesses.

Key investments under Kenon include IC Power and Inkia Energy, which are pivotal players in the energy sector.

Shipping Empire

Idan Ofer’s prowess in the shipping industry is exemplified by his ownership of Zim Integrated Shipping Services.

Zim operates a fleet of 210 bulk, container, and crude oil ships, making it one of the world’s leading shipping companies.

This vast fleet and global operations significantly bolster Ofer’s financial stature, contributing a substantial portion to his net worth.

Energy and Chemicals Sector

Ofer’s investments in the energy and chemicals sectors are instrumental in his financial success. He holds significant stakes in companies like IC Power and Inkia Energy, which are crucial players in the energy market.

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The chemicals industry holdings under Israel Corporation also play a vital role in enhancing his wealth, despite facing environmental criticisms.

Sports Investments

In addition to his business ventures, Idan Ofer has made strategic investments in sports. He owns a 32% stake in Atlético Madrid, a renowned Spanish soccer team, and an 85% stake in FC Famalicão, a Portuguese soccer club.

These investments not only diversify his portfolio but also offer substantial financial returns, cementing his position as a prominent investor in the sports industry.

Philanthropy and Social Contributions

Ofer is not just a businessman but also a philanthropist. He has made significant contributions to various causes, including a £25 million donation to the London Business School.

This donation led to the construction of the Sammy Ofer Centre, named in honor of his father.

Additionally, he has funded numerous charitable projects, such as the Jewish Museum London and a maritime scholarship fund in Singapore.

Controversies and Challenges

Despite his financial success, Ofer has faced several controversies and challenges. He has been criticized for the environmental impact of his chemical factories and his lavish lifestyle.

In 2023, the Ministry of Environmental Protection in Israel listed one of his associated companies as high risk. These controversies, however, have not significantly hindered his financial growth.

Social media

FAQs about Idan Ofer

FAQs about Idan Ofer

How did Idan Ofer acquire his wealth?

Idan Ofer inherited a significant portion of his wealth from his father, Sammy Ofer, and expanded it through strategic investments in shipping, energy, and sports.

What companies does Ofer own?

Ofer owns a company operating 210 ships, a 51% stake in Israel Corporation, and controlling shares in Kenon Holdings.

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What are Idan Ofer’s major business ventures?

His major business ventures include Quantum Pacific Group, Israel Corporation, and Kenon Holdings.

What sports teams does Ofer have stakes in?

Ofer owns a 32% stake in Atlético Madrid and an 85% stake in FC Famalicão.

How is Idan Ofer related to Sammy Ofer?

He is the son of Sammy Ofer.

Has Ofer been involved in any controversies?

Yes, he has faced environmental criticisms and has been listed in reports for high-risk operations by the Ministry of Environmental Protection in Israel.

What philanthropic activities is Idan Ofer known for?

He is known for significant donations to the London Business School, the Jewish Museum London, and various scholarship funds.

What is the Quantum Pacific Group?

Quantum Pacific Group is a holding company founded by Ofer, with diverse interests in shipping, energy, and chemicals.


Ofer’s financial journey is a testament to strategic investments and a diversified portfolio. To learn more about other billionaires and their financial strategies, visit worldofceos.com. Feel free to leave comments, share this article, or explore more content on our website.

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