50+ The Richest Person In China 2024

Top 50+ The Richest Person In China 2024

At WorldOfCEOs, we delve into the financial lives of the richest people in China. This article reveals the latest net worth and key details about these influential figures. Stay informed with up-to-date insights on their wealth and how they accumulate it.

Our List of 50+ The Richest Person In China 2024

Here’s a concise table featuring the richest people in China for 2024, including their world rank, name, age, net worth, and the source of their wealth.

RankNameAgeNet Worth (Billion)Source of Wealth
24Zhong Shanshan69$62.3Beverages, Pharmaceuticals
27Zhang Yiming40$43.4TikTok
33Colin Huang44$38.9E-commerce
46William Ding52$33.5Online Games
57Ma Huateng52$30.2Online Games
80He Xiangjian81$25.1Home Appliances
81Jack Ma59$24.5E-commerce
109Eric Li60$16.8Automobiles
122Qin Yinglin58$15.5Pig Breeding
131Wang Chuanfu58$14.2Batteries, Automobiles
137Wang Wei53$13.8Package Delivery
144Dang Yanbao51$13.4Coal
172Lu Xiangyang61$11.6Automobiles, Batteries
180Wei Jianjun & Family60$11.2Automobiles
180Sky Xu40$11.2E-commerce
195Jiang Rensheng & Family70$10.9Vaccines
195Lei Jun54$10.9Smartphones
203Huang Shilin57$10.6Batteries
210Li Shuirong & Family67$10.5Petrochemicals
216Yu Yong63$10.3Mining
224Liu Yongxing75$10Diversified
256Zhang Zhidong52$9.4Internet Media
287Sun Piaoyang65$8.8Pharmaceuticals
287Wang Xing45$8.8Food Delivery
295Liu Hanyuan60$8.6Agribusiness
298Pang Kang68$8.5Soy Sauce
304Li Xiang42$8.4Electric Vehicles
322Chen Bang58$8Hospitals
322Zheng Shuliang & Family78$8Aluminum Products
329Xu Shihui66$7.9Snacks, Beverages
334Zhong Huijuan63$7.7Pharmaceuticals
344Wang Liping & Family58$7.6Hydraulic Machinery
385Wang Yusuo & Family60$7.1Natural Gas Distribution
403Lin Muqin & Family60$6.8Beverages
417Chen Jianhua53$6.6Chemicals
453Cao Renxian55$6.3Photovoltaic Equipment
453Ding Shizhong53$6.3Sports Apparel
453Ma Jianrong60$6.3Textiles, Apparel
453Qi Shi & Family54$6.3Financial Information
453Wang Jianlin69$6.3Real Estate
477Liang Wengen67$6.1Construction Equipment
486Ding Shijia60$6Sports Apparel
498Robin Li55$5.9Internet Search
498Pei Zhenhua65$5.9Batteries
498You Xiaoping & Family66$5.9Polyurethanes
511Wu Yajun60$5.8Real Estate
522Shen Guojun61$5.7Retail
548Lin Li60$5.5Investments
597Liu Yonghao & Family72$5.1Agribusiness
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Source: https://www.forbes.com/billionaires/

Frequently Asked Question

Who is the richest person in China?

Zhong Shanshan tops the list as the richest person in China, with a net worth of $62.3 billion. His wealth primarily comes from the beverages and pharmaceuticals industries.

What industry do most Chinese billionaires come from?

Many Chinese billionaires are prominent in the technology sector, with significant contributions from e-commerce, online games, and internet media.

How many Chinese billionaires are in the top 100 globally?

China has several billionaires in the top 100 globally. Notables include Zhong Shanshan, Zhang Yiming, and Colin Huang.

What is the average age of the top 50 richest people in China?

The average age of the top 50 richest people in China is in the late 50s, highlighting a mix of both seasoned and younger entrepreneurs.

Are there any new billionaires in China?

Yes, new billionaires like Maggie Gu and Molly Miao from Shein have recently joined the ranks, reflecting the dynamic nature of wealth accumulation in China.

What are the common sources of wealth for Chinese billionaires?

Common sources of wealth for Chinese billionaires include technology, real estate, manufacturing, and healthcare.

How has the wealth of Chinese billionaires changed over the past year?

Many Chinese billionaires have experienced fluctuations in their net worth due to changes in market dynamics, with some seeing significant gains and others facing declines.

What sectors are emerging among Chinese billionaires?

Emerging sectors among Chinese billionaires include renewable energy, artificial intelligence, and advanced manufacturing.

How significant is the role of women among Chinese billionaires?

Women are a minority among Chinese billionaires, but figures like Zhong Huijuan and Chan Laiwa highlight the growing influence of women in various industries.

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