50+ The Richest People In Japan 2024

Top 50+ The Richest Person In Japan 2024

WorldOfCEOs presents an insightful overview of the list of the 50 richest people in Japan for 2024. Explore their net worth and wealth sources, offering a snapshot of their financial standing.

Our List of 50+ The Richest Person In Japan 2024

Here’s a concise table featuring the richest people in Japan for 2024, including their world rank, name, age, net worth, and the source of their wealth:

RankNameAgeNet Worth (B)Source of Wealth
29Tadashi Yanai75$42.8Fashion retail
51Masayoshi Son66$32.7Telecom, investments
87Takemitsu Takizaki78$23.1Sensors
432Takahisa Takahara62$6.4Personal care goods
686Akio Nitori80$4.6Home Furnishings
686Yasumitsu Shigeta59$4.6Mobile phone retailer
775Takao Yasuda74$4.1Retail
835Masahiro Miki68$3.8Shoes
835Hiroshi Mikitani59$3.8Online retail
835Masahiro Noda85$3.8Software
871Akira Mori & family87$3.7Real estate
949Yuji Otsuka70$3.4Copy machines, software
1143Shigenobu Nagamori79$2.9Motors
1238Kentaro Ogawa75$2.7Restaurants
1545Katsumi Tada78$2.1Real estate
1623Masateru Uno & family77$2.0Drugstores
1694Shunsaku Sagami33$1.9M&A brokerage
1764Kagemasa Kozuki83$1.8Video games
1764Yoshiko Mori83$1.8Real estate
1945Nobutoshi Shimamura98$1.6Retail
2046Masaaki Arai58$1.5Real estate
2046Yasuhiro Fukushima76$1.5Video games
2046Junro Ito65$1.5Retail
2046Yasuhisa ItoN/A$1.5Retail
2046Yusaku Maezawa48$1.5Online retail
2046Hisako YamamotoN/A$1.5Retail
2152Eiichi Kuriwada77$1.4Package delivery
2152Toshio Motoya80$1.4Hotels
2152Keiichi Shibahara59$1.4Healthcare
2152Yoshiaki Yoshida83$1.4Cosmetics
2287Fumio Kaneko67$1.3Waste management
2287Nobutada Saji78$1.3Beverages
2287Shigefumi Wada71$1.3Software
2410Takaya Awata62$1.2Restaurants
2410Hiroshi Ishibashi77$1.2Tires
2410Tadako NakataniN/A$1.2Medical diagnostic equipment
2410Kenzo Tsujimoto83$1.2Video games
2410Yasuhide Uno60$1.2Payment services
2545Keiko Erikawa75$1.1Video games
2545Yoichi Erikawa73$1.1Video games
2545Kazuo Okada81$1.1Casinos
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Source: https://www.forbes.com/billionaires/

Frequently Asked Question

What is the primary source of wealth for Japanese billionaires?

The primary source of wealth for many Japanese billionaires is in retail and technology sectors. Notable examples include Tadashi Yanai, who made his fortune in fashion retail, and Hiroshi Mikitani in online retail.

Who is the richest person in Japan?

Tadashi Yanai & family top the list as the richest persons in Japan, with a net worth of $42.8 billion.

Which industry has the most representation among Japanese billionaires?

The fashion & retail industry has the most representation among Japanese billionaires, with individuals like Tadashi Yanai and Akio Nitori leading the way.

How does the age distribution look among the top Japanese billionaires?

The age of Japanese billionaires ranges widely, with the youngest being Shunsaku Sagami at 33, and the oldest being Nobutoshi Shimamura at 98.

What is the common age for the wealthiest Japanese?

The majority of the wealthiest Japanese are in their 60s and 70s, reflecting established business success and long-term investments.

Are there any new billionaires in the 2024 list?

Yes, the 2024 list includes new entrants like Shunsaku Sagami and Junro Ito, highlighting emerging sectors like M&A brokerage and retail.

How many billionaires in Japan are involved in technology?

Several billionaires in Japan are involved in technology, including Masahiro Noda in software and Hiroshi Mikitani in online retail.

Which billionaire has the most diverse sources of wealth?

Masayoshi Son is notable for having a diverse portfolio, including telecom and investments, showcasing a broad approach to wealth accumulation.

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How does real estate contribute to Japanese billionaires’ wealth?

Real estate is a significant source of wealth, with individuals like Akira Mori and Yoshiko Mori gaining substantial wealth through property investments.


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