30+ The Richest Black Person In The World 2024

30+ The Richest Black Person In The World 2024

Welcome to WorldOfCEOs, where we dive into the fascinating world of the richest black person in the world 2024. From tech moguls to entertainment icons, we explore their latest net worth and the stories behind their success.

Our List of 50+ The Richest Black Person in The World 2024

Here’s a comprehensive table of the richest people in Africa for 2024, showcasing their names, ages, nationalities, and sources of wealth:

NameReal NameAgeNationalityNet WorthSource of Wealth
Aliko DangoteAliko Dangote66Nigeria$13.9BIndustrialist
Robert F. SmithRobert Frederick Smith61USA$12BPrivate Equity
Mike AdenugaMichael Adeniyi Adenuga71Nigeria$10.5BTelecom and Oil
David StewardDavid Steward72USA$10BTechnology Services
Oprah WinfreyOprah Gail Winfrey70USA$3.5BMedia
Patrice MotsepePatrice Tlhopane Motsepe61South Africa$3.2BMining
Abdulsamad RabiuAbdulsamad Isyaku Rabiu63Nigeria$7.5BIndustrialist
Jay-ZShawn Corey Carter54USA$2.5BEntertainment, Investments
Strive MasiyiwaStrive Masiyiwa63Zimbabwe$2BTelecom
Michael JordanMichael Jeffrey Jordan61USA$2.2BSports, Investments
Tyler PerryTyler Perry54USA$1.8BMedia
Michael Lee-ChinMichael Lee-Chin73Canada$2.5BInvestments
Folorunsho AlakijaFolorunsho Alakija73Nigeria$1.6BOil, Fashion
Kanye WestKanye Omari West47USA$1.9BMusic, Fashion
Alexander KarpAlexander C. Karp56USA$1.4BTechnology
Isabel dos SantosIsabel dos Santos50Angola$1.5BInvestments
RihannaRobyn Rihanna Fenty36Barbados$1.7BMusic, Cosmetics
Mo IbrahimMohamed Ibrahim78UK$1.8BTelecom
Tope AwotonaBabatope Awotona41USA/Nigeria$1.3BTechnology (Calendly)
Alexander S. CywinskiAlexander S. Cywinski50USA$1.2BTech, Finance
Ramon LaguartaRamon Laguarta60Spain$1.1BCEO of PepsiCo
Kase LawalKase Lukman Lawal68USA/Nigeria$1BOil
Whitney Wolfe HerdWhitney Wolfe Herd35USA$1.1BTech (Bumble)
Janice Bryant HowroydJanice Bryant Howroyd71USA$1.2BStaffing
Bridgid CoulterBridgid Coulter56USA$1BReal Estate, Investments
Dr. DreAndre Romelle Young59USA$1.1BMusic, Investments
Troy CarterTroy Carter51USA$1.3BMusic, Investments
Cathy HughesCatherine Elizabeth Hughes76USA$1.1BMedia
Alexis OhanianAlexis Kerry Ohanian41USA$1.6BTechnology (Reddit)
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These billionaires have amassed their fortunes through various ventures. Aliko Dangote leads the pack with his substantial investments in the industrial sector, while Oprah Winfrey continues to dominate in media. Robert F. Smith and David Steward showcase the significant impact of technology and private equity.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/lists/africa-billionaires/

Why They Matter

Black billionaires play a crucial role in shaping the global economic landscape. They contribute to diverse industries, drive innovation, and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. Their stories of resilience and success offer valuable lessons on achieving and sustaining wealth.

Frequently Asked Question

How many Black billionaires are there globally?

There are approximately 30 Black billionaires worldwide. This number can vary slightly due to fluctuations in net worth and market conditions.

What sectors do Black billionaires typically invest in?

Black billionaires often invest in technology, entertainment, finance, and real estate. These sectors offer high growth potential and significant returns on investment.

Who is the richest Black billionaire?

Aliko Dangote is currently the richest Black billionaire, with a net worth of about $13.9 billion. He made his fortune through cement and other industrial investments.

How do Black billionaires contribute to society?

Black billionaires contribute through philanthropy, job creation, and community support. They often fund educational initiatives and health programs, significantly impacting their communities.

What challenges do Black billionaires face?

They face challenges such as racial discrimination, limited access to capital, and socio-political instability. These barriers can hinder their business operations and growth.

What role do Black billionaires play in economic development?

They are key players in economic development, driving innovation, job creation, and investment in emerging markets. Their businesses often stimulate local and global economies.

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How do Black billionaires influence cultural trends?

Through their work in media, entertainment, and fashion, Black billionaires like Oprah Winfrey and Rihanna shape cultural narratives and set trends worldwide.

What is the importance of representation among billionaires?

Representation is crucial as it promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. It inspires the next generation of entrepreneurs and highlights the potential for success in underrepresented communities.

How do Black billionaires manage their wealth?

They manage wealth through diversified investments, strategic business decisions, and philanthropy. They often work with financial advisors to ensure sustainable growth and impact.


Understanding the wealth dynamics of the world’s richest Black individuals provides insights into their strategies and contributions. From tech to entertainment, these billionaires are leaders in their fields.¬†

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