10+ The Richest People In Dubai 2024

Top 50+ The Richest Person In Dubai 2024

Get the latest insights on the list of the richest person in Dubai for 2024 with WorldOfCEOs. From tech innovators like Pavel Durov to retail magnates such as M.A. Yusuff Ali, explore the financial profiles and contributions of these prominent figures.

Our List of 10+ The Richest Person In Dubai 2024

Here’s a comprehensive table of the richest people in Dubai for 2024, showcasing their names, ages, nationalities, and sources of wealth:

RankNameAgeNationalityNet WorthSource of Wealth
1Pavel Durov39Russian$17.2 billionTelegram
2M.A. Yusuff Ali68Indian$4.8 billionLuLu Group International
3Majid Al Futtaim86Emirati$3.6 billionRetail, Entertainment
4Abdulla bin Ahmad Al Ghurair90Emirati$2.8 billionBanking
4Micky Jagtiani72Indian$2.8 billionRetail
6Ravi Pillai72Indian$2.5 billionConstruction
7Hussain Sajwani69Emirati$2.4 billionReal Estate
8Abdulla Al Futtaim & family88Emirati$2.2 billionConglomerate
9Thaksin Shinawatra74Thai$2 billionPolitics, Telecom
10Saket Burman47Indian$1.7 billionConsumer Goods
11Sunny Varkey67Indian$1.4 billionEducation
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Source: https://www.forbes.com/billionaires/

Frequently Asked Question

How did Pavel Durov amass his wealth?

Pavel Durov, known as the founder of Telegram, built his fortune by leveraging the platform’s global popularity, which now boasts over 500 million users. His innovative approach to secure messaging has significantly boosted his net worth.

What industries contribute most to Dubai’s wealth?

Dubai’s wealthiest individuals are predominantly involved in sectors such as real estate, retail, and technology. These industries have shown robust growth and have played a key role in the economic landscape of the region.

Who is the youngest billionaire in Dubai?

Pavel Durov, aged 39, is currently the youngest billionaire residing in Dubai. He has accumulated significant wealth through the development and expansion of Telegram, a globally recognized messaging app.

What is the primary source of wealth for M.A. Yusuff Ali?

M.A. Yusuff Ali’s wealth primarily comes from his leadership of LuLu Group International, a retail giant with numerous hypermarkets and shopping malls across the Middle East and beyond.

How has Majid Al Futtaim’s net worth evolved?

Majid Al Futtaim, founder of Majid Al Futtaim Holding, has seen consistent growth in his net worth through his ventures in retail and entertainment. His family continues to expand their business operations globally.

Are there any notable new billionaires in Dubai?

Recent additions to Dubai’s billionaire list include figures like Thaksin Shinawatra, who has been residing in Dubai and maintains a significant fortune from his past political and business endeavors in Thailand.

What role does real estate play in Dubai’s billionaire rankings?

Real estate remains a cornerstone of wealth for many of Dubai’s billionaires, including Hussain Sajwani, who leads Damac Properties. The sector continues to be a major driver of economic activity in the region.

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How does Dubai’s wealth compare globally?

Dubai’s wealthiest individuals are comparable to top billionaires globally, particularly in sectors like real estate and retail. This reflects Dubai’s strategic position as a hub for business and finance.

Who are the most influential families among Dubai’s billionaires?

The Al Futtaim and Al Ghurair families are among the most influential, with significant contributions to banking, retail, and construction sectors, solidifying their legacy in Dubai’s economic development.

What future trends could impact the wealth of Dubai’s billionaires?

Technological advancements and continued diversification of investments into new sectors like technology and healthcare are likely to shape the future fortunes of Dubai’s billionaires, driving further growth and prosperity.


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