50+ The Richest People In Korea 2024

Top 50+ The Richest Person In Korean 2024

As the economic landscape evolves, South Korea‘s billionaires continue to rise, reflecting the nation’s growing influence in global markets. At WorldOfCEOs, we delve into the latest net worth of the richest person in Korea 2024, providing you with a detailed overview of their financial standings and wealth sources.

Our List of 10+ The Richest Person In Korea 2024

Below is a comprehensive table of the richest people in Korea, including their rank, name, age, net worth, and source of wealth. This list offers a snapshot of the individuals shaping Korea’s economic future.

RankNameAgeNet WorthSource of Wealth
173Jay Y. Lee55$11.5 BSamsung
364Seo Jung-jin66$7.3 BBiotech
453Cho Jung-ho65$6.3 BFinance
624Mong-Koo Chung86$4.9 BHyundai
686Kim Beom-su58$4.6 BOnline services
734Hong Ra-hee78$4.3 BSamsung
785Lee Boo-jin53$4 BSamsung
871Euisun Chung53$3.7 BHyundai
896Lee Seo-hyun50$3.6 BSamsung
920Kwon Hyuk-bin50$3.5 BOnline games
1143Kwak Dong Shin49$2.9 BSemiconductors
1438Yoo Jung-hyun54$2.3 BOnline games
1545Lee Dong-chae64$2.1 BChemicals
1623Kim Jun-ki79$2 BDiversified
1623Koo Kwang-mo46$2 BLG
1764Bang Si-hyuk51$1.8 BEntertainment
1945Lee Ho-jin61$1.6 BDiversified
2046Chey Tae-won63$1.5 BOil, semiconductor
2046Lee Su-jin46$1.5 BHospitality
2046Park Soon-jae69$1.5 BBiopharmaceuticals
2152Kim Jung-min22$1.4 BOnline gaming
2152Kim Jung-youn20$1.4 BOnline gaming
2152Lee Hae-jin56$1.4 BInternet
2152Ryu Kwang-ji57$1.4 BChemicals
2287Suh Kyung-bae61$1.3 BCosmetics
2410Chung Mong-joon72$1.2 BShipbuilding, industrial machines
2410Chung Yong-jin55$1.2 BRetail
2410Koo Bon-neung75$1.2 BElectronics
2410Park Hyeon-joo65$1.2 BMutual funds
2545Kim Jae-young50$1.1 BOnline games
2545Kim Jung-woong49$1.1 BCosmetics
2545Kim Taek-jin57$1.1 BOnline games
2545Koo Bon-sik65$1.1 BLG
2545Shin Chang-jae70$1.1 BInsurance
2692Chang Pyung-soon73$1 BEducational services
2692Hong Seok-joh71$1 BConvenience stores
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Source: https://www.forbes.com/billionaires/

Frequently Asked Question

What is the main source of wealth for Korea’s richest people?

The majority of South Korea’s wealthiest individuals derive their fortunes from technology, automotive, and online services sectors. Companies like Samsung, Hyundai, and various tech startups are prominent contributors.

How has the net worth of the top billionaires in Korea changed recently?

In 2024, the net worth of top billionaires like Jay Y. Lee and Euisun Chung has seen significant increases due to positive stock performances and successful business expansions.

Who are the youngest billionaires in South Korea?

Kim Jung-min and Kim Jung-youn, aged 22 and 20 respectively, are among the youngest billionaires in South Korea. Their wealth comes primarily from the online gaming industry.

Which industries are most represented among Korea’s richest individuals?

Technology, manufacturing, and finance are the most represented industries among South Korea’s richest, reflecting the country’s strengths in these sectors.

Are there any new entrants to the list of Korean billionaires?

Yes, new entrants like Park Soon-jae and Ryu Kwang-ji have recently joined the list, bringing fresh perspectives and wealth sources, especially in biopharmaceuticals and chemicals.

What factors contribute to the financial success of Korea’s billionaires?

Key factors include strong corporate governance, innovative business models, and the ability to leverage global market trends effectively. South Korean billionaires often invest in diverse sectors and maintain a global business outlook.

How do Korean billionaires compare to those in other countries?

South Korean billionaires, while fewer in number compared to countries like the USA and China, are significant players in global markets, especially in technology and manufacturing sectors.

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What trends are visible in the wealth growth of Korean billionaires?

A notable trend is the increasing influence of younger billionaires and a shift towards technology-driven industries. There is also a rising trend of diversification in investment portfolios.


In summary, WorldOfCEOs provides a comprehensive look into the financial standings and industries that shape the fortunes of Korea’s richest individuals.

Stay tuned to worldofceos.com for ongoing updates and detailed analyses of the financial landscape surrounding the world’s wealthiest figures.

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